Krasnodar, 10 December – Yug Times. The new air terminal that will be able to serve twice as many aircraft as the existing one is to be built by 2023. The aggregate governmental and business investments in the project are tentatively assessed at 24.1 billion roubles, of which 16.2 billion are to be provided by the private investor.

The area of the new terminal will be about 70,00 sq m. To compare: the area of the existing terminal, including the international flights sector, is only 12,000 sq m; that is, the capacity of the new terminal will be seven times as big as the existing airport building. The terminal will reportedly be equipped with ten air bridges.

The federal part of the project includes the construction of taxiways and a platform able to park 21 aircraft at a time (presently, 12 aircraft can be served at a time at the most).

“Currently the airport can service only 1,100 passengers an hour, including 400 of international and 700 of domestic flights. For the time being, on coverage with terminals Krasnodar Airport falls two to four times behind other airports with comparable passenger traffic,” managing director Dmitri Kirichenko explained. What will happen with the existing airport building after the launch of the new terminal has not yet been decided.

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