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New Patent for Sparkling Wine

New Patent for Sparkling Wine
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A patent for the invention of the new “manufacturing method of sparkling wines” has been issued by the Eurasian Patent Agency to Kuban Vino Winery, Temriuk rayon. The invention reportedly places the emphasis on grape processing techniques rather then conservation, which will help preserve up to 90% of the grapes’ flavour and taste. “Owing to sparing processing, the still juice becomes sparkling without particular losses, while its flavour and taste get concentrated and reinforced, and complemented with sparkling and foamy features,” said Vanda Botnari, Production Director of Kuban Vino Winery, the author of the patent. “As a result, we can feel the primeval varietal flavours in the finished product that usually are lost if the wine was subject to more treatments, and we can admire the ideal pearly foam which is considered the main decoration of sparkling wine.”

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