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Yunus Emre Öziğci: “I Believe That I Began My Work in Russia in Good Time”

Yunus Emre Öziğci: “I Believe That I Began My Work in Russia in Good Time”
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After a tough period, Russian-Turkish relations have obviously normalized – which fact has been proved by the meeting between Russian and Turkish leaders Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held in Sochi on May 3.

Turkey is the main foreign economic partner of the Krasnodar region, not just its next-door neighbour. It is through the Black Sea ports that most of the Turkish exports enter Russia.

Mr. Öziğci has graciously chosen The Yug Times for his first interview in the rank of Consul General.

Q.: Turkey is the main foreign partner of the Krasnodar region. Can you give any forecast for future development of economic relations between Turkey and Kuban?

A.: Our officers had been involved in the preparation of the meeting of the two leaders. Although I was not present at the talks but I got really imbued with the warm atmosphere that was reigning there. After the press conference of Presidents Putin and Erdoğan it became obvious that our relations are undergoing positive developments. The Krasnodar region is the closest Russian region for us; you are our neighbours – so it’s obvious that our rapprochement will show here most naturally. I believe that I began my work in Russia in very good time.

Q.: You have been working at Consulate General for a month. Did you manage to communicate with the Turkish businesspeople that work in South Russia? If yes – what are the questions they are interested most of all?

A.: It’s Commercial Attaché who is responsible for the cooperation with business circles, but I also mean to work hard with entrepreneurs and investors. Of course, one of the most important directions is export of vegetables and fruit to Russia. Trade in a number of other sectors is also developing. I have to say that although certain problems with giving access to some Turkish products to Russia persist, we work hard to help resolve them.

Q.: Since May 13, direct flights will be offered between Krasnodar and Samsun. Would you tell us briefly on this city?

A.: Samsun is an important Black Sea port. I should say that tourism will not stop in Turkey at the Mediterranean coast. Tourists may get acquainted with Turkey from Samsun, and proceed from here to the Black Sea coast, Anatolia, and the ancient sites of Cappadocia.

Q.: Security is an important issue. What measures are being taken now to avoid terrorist attacks at the spas and beaches?

A.: All necessary measures are being taken in Turkey. Terrorist attacks occurred in every country,  including Turkey as well as Russia. But Turkey is the safest place for foreign tourists. Russia is equally a very safe country.

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