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Flags Flutter above Kuban Beaches

Flags Flutter above Kuban Beaches
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The upcoming process of classification of these most important objects of seaside resort infrastructure will become a mighty tool to attract investment in Kuban beaches – but only on long-term lease terms.

Today we are discussing the issue with Irina Pozhidaeva, Director General of the Kurort-Ekspertiza Company.

“The beach classification rules were adopted as far back as in 2012. Since then, different parts of the Black Sea coastline rigged with facilities for recreation undergo the procedure every now and then. The procedure is absolutely optional and may be performed exclusively upon the leaseholder’s request.

“There used to be very few ‘classified beaches’ in Kuban earlier, but this year the work has quickened a lot. As on now, 38 beaches have received a certain category, and another 5 have passed the classification process but have not been assigned a class yet.

“Nowadays much is being spoken of improvement of resort service and its likening to that peculiar for the worldwide famous tourist destinations. In fact, we have perfected our hotel service to a certain extent, and the landlords are seen to be trying to improve the living conditions they offer – but the situation with the beaches differs a lot.

“More comfort for the tourists means attraction of more investments. However, most of the beach leaseholders sign one-year lease contracts, and they seem not to lie very much the idea of improving the quality of the facilities they offer there – they understand very well that the expenses spent to buy new deckchairs or parasols may not get repaid within one season.

“What is more – if the beach classification system would become mandatory, it would not cardinally correct the state of affairs: in that case, the leaseholders would formally fulfill everything they should to get the lowest third category, and would do nothing above that. This is how it most frequently happens now.

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