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Aleksei Semionov: «Online Services Make Tax Relations More Transparent”

Aleksei Semionov: «Online Services Make Tax Relations More Transparent”
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Our today’s interviewee is Aleksei Semionov, Head of the Department of the Federal Tax Service in the Krasnodar region.

Q.: How many business entities are registered in the Krasnodar region? How does this figure look in comparison with other regions?

A.: There are 232,000 registered individual entrepreneurs in the Krasnodar region. That is the second largest figure nationwide, immediately after Moscow with 265,000 individual entrepreneurs. We rank the fifth in terms of the number of legal entities (143,500), following Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Sverdlovsk region.

Q.: What are the main current taxation trends? For instance, how do various online-services affect your qualitative indicators?

A.: There are 49 services available on our website that help the taxpayers get a complete set of services – from registration of a company to payment of taxes – online, despite their current whereabouts. In the Krasnodar region, there are over 650,000 users of our most popular service – “taxpayer’s personal account for physical persons”.

Q.: When may an entrepreneur reckon on tax preferences or holidays?

A.: Charity has always been a good tradition of large, midsize and small business. Although the Tax Code provides no special tax preferences for the businesspeople involved in charity, both entrepreneurs that use generalized taxation system and companies become VAT exempt.

Q.: It is known that social media company Facebook has joined the list of IT firms registered with Russia’s Federal Tax Service as a foreign company selling electronic content in Russia. It has started paying VAT, known as the ‘Google tax’ in Russia, from its virtual sales. Can you give an example of registration of some new businesses with Russian tax authorities in the Krasnodar region?

A.: Federal Law No. 244 has established taxation of certain Internet transactions, known as ‘Google tax’. Foreign-based Internet companies may register only with the Moscow-based interregional inspection. There are about 105 suchlike companies registered in Russia – Facebook, Alibaba, Google, Booking, Uber, etc.

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