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‘Business School’ Shows Good Results

‘Business School’ Shows Good Results
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The second season of a successful educational project has reportedly finished at the Kuban State Technological University.

Twenty eight winning applicants had to pass several sophisticated exams held by executives of major business companies operating in the region, finally received graduation certificates.

The main goal of the ‘Business School’ was to transfer the professional knowledge in business sphere to the students, shape up managerial and entrepreneurial qualities, life position and views in them and develop the competencies enabling them to become sought-after specialists at the labour market.

“We are finishing the second season of our school,” stressed University President Prof. Tatiana Barkhatova, D.Sc. “And I am confident that the students have acquired a valuable experience.”

A couple of days before the closing ceremony, all Business School students had to pass the exams. The task was to defend different business cases. To pass the exam, the students had to find the way to resolve a certain task. They developed designs of food chains and control systems, did risk assessments and made farmer’s budgets on the basis of initial data given to them. Another task was to try and optimize the expenses by reducing the volumes of consumer waste. Finally, they had to develop motivation tools with the help of video, photo and other visual means.

“I am still impressed by the exams,” said Igor Brener, HR manager at Cargill Grain and Oilseeds. “The first year [of the School] has proved it’s a high quality product.”

According to Mr. Brener, the Business School’s curriculum has become richer and acquired importance from the viewpoint of strategic development of the region’s economy.

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