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Memory Gallery for WWII Heroes

Memory Gallery for WWII Heroes
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Kuban residents will reportedly get a new opportunity to enroll their heroic ancestors in the annals of the Great Victory.

In advance of V’Day, the KAZAK FM broadcasting station has initiated to recall the names of the heroes who fought for the Fatherland and worked in the rear during World War II.

Those wishing to participate in the activity may send a photo of their relative and brief information about them from the radio station’s mobile application. KAZAK FM general director Viktor Malchevsky said that the main aim of the activity was to open a mobile platform to revere the memory of the WWII heroes.

“Victory Day is a really national holiday, but at the same time I believe that despite its grandeur, for most Russians it remains a very personal day,” said Mr. Malchevsky. “For every family in Russia keeps memory of their relatives that fought at the battlefields or toiled selflessly in the rear alive.”

The photos may be sent until May 4. Starting from May 5, some stories will be broadcast on the air and published by The Yug Times, the information partner of the event.

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