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Real Proprietor Is Needed for Dolgaya Spit

Real Proprietor Is Needed for Dolgaya Spit
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Valeri Chernenko from Yeisk has for nearly two years been trying to draw attention of the regional authorities to Dolgaya Spit at the Azov Sea coast, which may become a popular tourist destination but lacks infrastructure and precisely elaborated conditions for potential investors.

“Every summer, about 400,000 holidaymakers come to the spit,” said Chernenko. “Presently, there are 12 tourist camps with 307 employees working there. Over a year, these companies pay a little bit more than 12.5 million rubles as local taxes.”

According to a recent expert survey of potential investment attractiveness of Dolgaya Spit, if properly developed, this area may offer as many as 31,000 jobs and give up to 1.5 billion rubles in taxes every year.

But at the moment the entrepreneurs working in the spit are doing it at their own peril because of the lack of any precise rules of games set for business activity in the area.

“Inspectors from different structures may come any time – and they will for sure find some violations,” said Valeri Chernenko. “But if the authorities would create the required conditions, local entrepreneurs would be glad to start investing in the development of Dolgaya Spit. For instance, Optimist Vap Tur Company plans to build an amusement complex and invest about 1.6 billion rubles in the area by 2020.”

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