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Sergei Krashchuk: “For Krasnodar, Our Refinery Is More Than a Mere Plant”

Sergei Krashchuk: “For Krasnodar, Our Refinery Is More Than a Mere Plant”
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Sergei Krashchuk, General Director of KrasnodarEkoNeft Oil Refinery, speaks about the everyday activities, main priorities and prospects for development of the plant.

Q.: How did it happen that you got occupied with oil-refining industry?

A.: The answer is as simple as that: I was born in Irkutsk, and Siberia is rich in mineral resources, consequently there are many oil refineries and gas processing enterprises there. So it was nothing strange that I chose this trade.

Upon graduating from the University in 1991, I started my professional career in the city of Angarsk working as an oil coke production unit operator. The lion’s share of my career was connected with that city – it was there that I went through all stages of growth – from an engineer to a top manager.

Q.: So you worked in Angarsk for nearly twenty years – and then suddenly left for Bosnia. Why so?

A.: It is always very interesting to meet new professional challenges. This is why I did not think long before accepting the invitation of ZarubezhNefteStroiMontazh Company [to go to the Bosnian town of Brod]. Without going into detail of the production process, I may state that I did meet that professional challenge. What was the most challenging factor was that nearly all processes were ‘tuned up’ to Western management standards, so I had to rethink a lot in professional way, and it really was a valuable experience.

Q.: Then you came back to Angarsk – and then Krasnodar became a new stage of your career. Was it another challenge?

A.: Of course it was. There is a lot to be done here, and I am glad to find understanding from the team and regional and city authorities. Such support is very valuable, for the refinery awaits major upgrading and implementation of a number of serious projects, including several environmental plans.

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