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Business Lady Levies War upon Authorities

Business Lady Levies War upon Authorities
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Yelena Chicherina, an entrepreneur from the Dinskoi rayon, wants to exclude educational institutions from the local area development plan. According to Andrei Sivokon, Mayor of the town of Yuzhny, in 2008 Chicherina became the owner of a 19-hectare land plot classified as ‘agricultural land’. In 2011, when the local self-government was elaborating the area development plan, she asked the organizing committee of public hearings to include her land plot into the territory of the town.

Ms. Chicherina decided to build a cottage village on her land plot. When applying to the local municipality, she expressed that she would not mind having a kindergarten built there, but the experts of the design institute provided for the construction of a 550-seat school in addition to the 250-seat kindergarten.

Ms. Chicherina was present at the public hearings where the area development plan was approved and she never raised any objections to the construction of a school and a kindergarten on her land plot. Consequently, she did not challenge the decision of the local authorities approving the development plan that was taken in October 2012. As she had promised, the land was included into the boundaries of the town and classified as ‘land for residential development with construction of social institutions’.

Upon re-classifying the land, Yelena Chicherina divided her 19-hectare plot to a lot of small parcels (400 to 800+ sq m each), had them registered and started to sell them. Reportedly, she had many buyers - from Kuban and beyond - who wanted to build a house in a town located close to Krasnodar. But the municipality refused to register their addresses and issue them construction permits. The reason was that the final layout of the residential area drawn by Ms. Chicherina had neither school nor kindergarten, provided for by the initial development plan.

Commenting on the situation, Town Mayor Andrei Sivokon said that the dwellers of Yuzhny are hoping that the court which will be considering the case will take into account the lack of schools and kindergartens in the town.

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