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Premiera Theatre Stages New Fairy Tale

Premiera Theatre Stages New Fairy Tale
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On December 17, the Palace of Arts showed the first night of the magic performance entitled The Ineffable Beauty.

This play based on Pushkin’s fairy tale skillfully combines old Russian customs, New Year traditions and technological novelties in the form of specially crafted visual projections and signature animation. All these presented in Pushkin’s fantasy style intensified the transmission of the great poet’s ideas that evil, envy and greed must inevitably be punished, that justice, charity and generosity must become triumphant.

The Ineffable Beauty can rightly be referred to as the largest and most spectacular New Year theatrical in our region. The young viewers got really enchanted by the fantastical volumetric decorations of the scenery that were shining brightly in the light beams. The scene of the action was changing every now and then, while the personages were riding some quaint giants to move around the stage, floated a swirling boat, walking on stilts and even soaring up the ropes, enrapturing the audience. The enchanted space would come alive due to the pranks of the mermaids and naughtiness of the live clouds…

The three enchanting Beauties – the Swan Princess (Yevgenia Velikodnaya), the Sea Princess (Ludmila Dorosheva) and the touching Apple-Tree, the Sun’s favourite (Aisylu Sadykova) appeared in all grandeur of the Russian character. And the magic fir tree that appeared at the end of the play thrilled both young spectators and their parents.

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